Resource Mobilization for the Cooperative Movement

Signing Business partnerships with partners

In a bid to effectively deliver better and relevant services to the cooperative movement, UCA has signed memorandum of understanding with partners including the Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA), Community Agriculture Infrastructure Improvement Program (CAIIP).

The MOU with UCDA is aimed at developing the coffee sub sector using a group/Cooperative model by mobilizing coffee farmers into collective production, bulking, value addition and collective marketing by the coffee farmers and coffee value chain actors.  CAIIP main objective is to enhance farmers’ access to better markets and competitive prices through improvement in rural infrastructure like feeder roads, electricity/power and Agro-processing equipment and their management by well mobilized communities leading to increased incomes.

UCA has entered Memorandum of Understanding with the academia: Makerere University on the Africa Institute for Strategic Resource Services and Development (AFRISA) program that focuses on nurturing a young, healthy and productive entrepreneurial generation through transformative skills, technology, innovations, community service and Academic-Community-Public-Private Partnerships (ACP3). In addition UCA and Makerere University Business School (MUBS) are partnering to implement the project for financial inclusion in rural areas in Uganda (PROFIRA).