Role of UCA in the Revival of Cooperatives in Uganda.  

  1. Setting up village banks in 1990’s that later became Savings and credit cooperative organizations (SACCOs).
  2. Initiating the Area Cooperative Enterprise (ACE) model that gave birth to new face of cooperatives that diversified into other enterprises and off course being nearer to the farmers as opposed to old model of cooperative Unions that were far a distance from the farmers and concentrated on traditional cash crops: Coffee, Tea, Cotton and Tobacco.
  3. Putting in place a Cooperative linkage model: This is a tripartite model that links a SACCO to ACE/Union and Cooperative members.
  4. Supporting Cooperative formation into other sectors of the economy like transport, energy, health, services and Housing.
  5. Revival of the cooperative movement which had totally collapsed in the late 1970’s, 80’s and early 1990’s.