About UCA

Who are we?

Uganda Cooperative Alliance (UCA) Ltd is an umbrella organization for all cooperatives in Uganda established in 1961. It serves as the voice of the cooperative movement at both national and international level with a mandate to recommend to government on matters of policy relating to cooperatives arbitration (settlement of disputes) advocate and represent cooperatives interest’s capacity building of cooperators in cooperative business practices provide business skills development support, advisory services and mobilize resources for cooperative movement in Uganda.


To provide high quality support services to cooperatives and their members on a sustainable basis.



A strong and vibrant umbrella organization of prosperous cooperatives with empowered members.



  1. Honesty
  2. Dedication
  3. Transparency
  4. Integrity



  1.  To advocate and represent the interests of the cooperative movement in Uganda at all levels both at national and international.
  2. To carry out arbitration on disputes affecting cooperatives in Uganda as mandated by the cooperative Act.
  3. To do capacity building in areas of leadership, management, business skills and management and operations of cooperatives, using the recommended cooperative principles as well as cooperative sound practices.
  4. To provide advisory services to cooperatives in their business operations.
  5. To mobilize resources for the cooperative movement in Uganda.
  6. To do any other cooperative development work