The Uganda Cooperative Alliance (UCA) Limited has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Agribusiness Development Center (ADC) to provide capacity building to cooperatives in the country.

The scheme places prime focus on capacity building which will involve training in among others content generation and development, joint proposal writing for successful resource mobilization, monitoring, and evaluation.

The General Secretary of Uganda Cooperative Alliance Limited, Mr. Ivan Asiimwe decried the lack of information and added that the friendship is timely and it has come at a time when some cooperatives and SACCOs are facing leadership challenges.

“To run a cooperative successfully, then education and information must flow in the system, everybody needs to be educated on the responsibilities to be able to catch up with change,” Mr. Asiimwe said.

He justified the need for constant education as it will enable cooperatives to be self-efficient, run smoothly, and social empowerment of cooperatives in Uganda.

“If members in a cooperative are well equipped with knowledge regarding the cooperative laws, policies, regulations, bylaws values and principles they will be able to contribute more effectively to cooperatives,” he said.

In a rejoinder, the Excitative Director Agribusiness Development Centre (ADC)

Ms. Josephine Mukumbya said that the partnership has come at a time when there is a need to restart the Agricultural sector since it is the back born of Uganda’s economy.

“We see promoting self-sufficiency as an effective tool to transforming the Agricultural Sector in Uganda, It is better to teach them how to fish than giving the fish for s day” Ms. Mukumbya said.

She also decried the leadership problem faced by cooperatives and saving societies.