Recently the 9th Technical Committee of the African Ministerial Cooperative Conference (TCAMCCO) was concluded at Serova Whitesands in Mombasa, Kenya.  The conference is an annual activity that was skipped when Covid-19 was at its highest peak.

According to the post shared on the Twitter handle of the International Cooperative Alliance-Africa who were the organizers, the conference was based on the theme “Accelerating Cooperation Among Cooperatives in the Post Covid -19 Era”.

The General Secretary of Uganda Cooperative Alliance Mr. Asiimwe Ivan, said that national, regional, continental and global cooperation is the sixth pillar of cooperatives on the global forum.

He added that the advantages of cooperation will bring a negotiated global market across the continent for the benefit of cooperatives and cooperators.

“Business to business cooperation, for example Uganda is the second largest coffee producer after Ethiopia if the two work together they can save a single market,” Mr. Asiimwe said.

He decries the disparities in the legal framework that governs alliance in Uganda.

“Values and beliefs are the same much as some countries have better laws that can tailor the legal framework in Uganda,” the General Secretary said.

Reports from the conference indicate that the neighboring East African countries have established Universities that teach cooperative education at from certificate and postgraduate levels.

The alliance hopes to establish partnership with counterparts in Kenya and Tanzania so that they can extend an olive leaf of enhanced cooperative education to the institution that teach cooperative education in Uganda.

Mr. Asiimwe blames the stagnating nature of cooperatives in Uganda to lack of knowledge and called upon authorities to step up the efforts for the future of cooperatives in Uganda.

“We can embark on an exchange program even upgrade ours (Uganda Cooperative Collage Kigumba and Tororo) to degree awarding institutions so that these diplomas and certificates do not end up in other fields,” Mr. Asiimwe said.

While Tanzania and Kenya have Moshi University and The Co-operative University of Kenya respectively Uganda still struggles with Certificate and Diploma awarding institutions that were established in 1993.

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