The International Coffee Day 2019

By Richard Ssempijja-UCA

On October 4 2019, Uganda Celebrated International Coffee Day  at the Ankole Coffee Producers’ Cooperative Union (ACPCU) in Kabwohe, Sheema District under the theme Sustainable Coffee Production through a Cooperative Model and Community Development”

Richard Ssempijja -UCA interacting with the State Minister for Agriculture at the event

Ankole Coffee Producers’ Cooperative Union (ACPCU), a member of Uganda cooperative Alliance Ltd of which the Current Board Chairman Mr. Johnas Tweyambe  of UCA also serves as the chairman for the Union.  During the International Coffee day celebrations, it was emphasized the need to promote  Domestic Coffee consumption campaigns  for local consumption and  also creating  awareness among communities about coffee and its health/medicinal benefits.

Different organizations that deal in coffee presented their products and services at the exhibition where Uganda Cooperative Alliance Ltd, also had a stall to present the kind of services it gives to Agricultural cooperatives.

This exhibition provided a unique opportunity to exhibitors to display the best coffee and affiliated services providing many opportunities to network with stakeholders from the entire coffee fraternity.

The celebrations created perfect platform for gathering valuable coffee information, building trade relations and buyer and seller interaction 威而鋼 as well as Agricultural cooperatives dealing in coffee from other districts in the country.

The Chief Guest was the State Minister for Agriculture Hon Vincent Bamulangaki Ssempijja and the State  Minister for  Cooperatives, Hon. Fredrick Ngobi Gume.

Below is Valuable information on Coffee presented at the Event

Africa is the cradle of coffee and is a producer of some of the best coffees in the world. However, social, economic and political problems can hinder its development.
Uganda is the Birthplace of Robusta Coffee, Robusta Coffee is 80 percent of the country’s total exports of 4.6 million (60kg) bags.
Uganda is Africa’s leading Coffee exporting country and second largest producer on the continent. Currently Uganda produces about 4.6 million (60kg bags) valued at about $500m. Coffee employs 5m Ugandans majority of who are women.For Uganda, the country’s political stability since 1986 has participated in the end of ethnic tensions, which greatly contributed to the production of coffee, mainly Robusta and an excellent washed Arabica grown largely in Bugisu region in eastern Ugandan.

Below are major statistics on Coffee in Uganda:-
Exports Volumes

1989-1990s= 2.3 million bags

2000-2016= 3 million bags

2016-2017= 4.6 million bags

2017-2018 =4.7 million bags

2020-2025= Projections to go to 20 million bags

Industry Players FY 2017/18
• 92 registered export companies
• 36 Export Grading Plants
• 537 Hulleries (dry processing plants)
• 22 washing stations
• 3% of Uganda’s exports are verified or certified “sustainable” below the global average of 8%.
• Farmer receives ~75% of export (FOB-Free on Truck) price
• 18% of export earnings derived from coffee
• Coffee represents less than 20% of the average family plot, but provides over 50% of cash income in an average year.
• Uganda accounts for 7% of global Robusta exports.

Domestic Consumption
• 244,800 (60 Kg Bags)
• Per ca pita consumption, 1.4 kg (provisional)
Number of Coffee Growing Districts
• 112 Districts, 88 Robusta only, 15 Arabica only and 9 Districts grow both Robusta and Arabica
• 1.7 million households grow Coffee
Coffee Trees under Production
• 330 million trees (Robusta, 240,000; Arabica, 40,244)
• Annual production: ~282,000 tons (8th globally)

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