Eaff – GAFSP MMI Project Kick off work shop

EAFF– GAFSP MMI Project Kick off Workshop

On 11th and 12th, the Eastern Africa Farmers’ Federation EAFF held a kick-off workshop at Uganda Cooperative Alliance Conference in Kampala at Nkrumah Rd.

The objective of the meeting was to meet with the beneficiaries as they comprehensively go through the objectives and approach with anticipated outcomes of the E-granary project.

During the meeting, the President EAFF Ms Elizabeth Nsimadala, elaborated that E-granary will be driven by technology with current information on the farmer’s inputs and outputs, she went on to appreciate the role of World Bank and IFAD for the support towards the E-granary project.

The workshop was attended by the Area Cooperative Enterprise, District Farmer Organizations stakeholders from APONYE, UNFFE, ETG, Equity Bank.

The main goal of the project is to improve the income and living standards of participating e Grannary smallholder farmers in Uganda Tanzania and Rwanda.

Brief Back Ground

Eastern Africa Farmers Federation (EAFF), with the support of key partners, founded a mobile platform called e-GRANARY. e-GRANARY provides 4 in 1 service – aggregates farmers for input, output and services markets (financial, insurance, extension and mechanization). The platform has been piloted in Kenya and recorded success.

EAFF received a grant from GAFSP under the Middle Missing Initiative(MMI) to roll out e-Granary in these selected countries from a period of 3 years. The Project Goal is to improve the income and living standards of participating e-Granary smallholder farmers. The project intended development objective is to increase productivity and profitability of participating 90,000 farmers in Rwandan, Uganda and Tanzania.

In October 2018, EAFF and members in Uganda held the first meeting to discuss the project and agree on the way forward. They also met potential private sector stakeholders to discuss partnerships during the implementation of this project. The same meeting was held in Rwanda.

EAFF contracted three (3) consultants to conduct legal opinion studies on requirements and process to register e-granary in Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda respectively. That process was finalized and we received advice on how to register eGranary in these respective countries.  The project was officially launched on 28th November 2018 in Kigali, Rwanda.

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