Cooperative Development Amidst Global Economic Dynamics and Business Innovations -UCA PreAGM


On 13th September 2018, Uganda Cooperative Alliance held its 27th Pre-AGM under the theme “Cooperative Development amidst global economic dynamics and business innovations”. The purpose of the theme was to highlight the role of global innovations and technology in transforming the cooperative business environment and how Ugandan Cooperatives can leverage the new advanced technology.

Mr. Herbert Musoke a software developer from Next Media communications, highlighted that cooperatives need to take on new tech for them to thrive, he presented a financial system which cooperatives can adopt to manage their businesses given the current financial systems that are unfavorable for cooperatives.

Mr. Herbert Musoke presenting on ICT during the Pre-AGM

He went on to add that Cooperatives in agriculture production need to have advanced smart systems to manage their businesses. Mr. Musoke to presented to the cooperators a “farmers guide” system that maps all farmer organizations and cooperatives with their enterprises in Uganda. Uganda Cooperative Alliance  Members were pleased with the system and resolved that  UCA should embark on acquiring such systems for the strategic development of cooperatives.

Mr. Wilson Nyabutundu from Rural Electrification Agency REA  encouraged cooperatives to embark on managing energy or electricity grids in their local communities to unlock Uganda’s’  economic potential through the development of cooperatives in critical sectors like energy.

He informed cooperators how REA is working with the local communities across the country to form energy cooperatives. Some of the cooperatives in the Energy Sector include; Atekere Community Energy Cooperative in Karamoja, Paida Abim Energy Cooperative, Bundibugyo Energy cooperative, Kyenjojo Rural Energy Cooperative etc.

Cooperators in group discussions at the Pre-AGM

The afternoon of the Pre-AGM was dedicated to the development of the UCA Strategic Plan, this session was chaired by the Partnerships Manager UCA, Mr. Samuel Sentumbwe, where  Cooperators from across were grouped into four groups to critically study and exchange thoughts on the four strategic pillars of the Strategic Plan. Agribusiness Manager, Mr. Harrison Kaziro, Mr. Timothy Agaba, and Ms. Rose Angeyango guided the cooperators in their respective groups.

“The Pre-AGM was a very colorful event” one of the cooperators confessed, he thanked the Management led by General Secretary- CPA Ivan Asiimwe for giving cooperators an opportunity to participate in developing the new Strategic Plan for UCA.

The Pre- AGM brought together strategic partners like Barclays bank, Vi- Agroforestry, Weeffeect, Rural Electrification Agency (REA), Cooperative Insurance Company (CIC), Ministry of Local Government, Ministry of Trade Industry and Cooperatives and Technoserve.

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