UCA Major Partners in Cooperative Development

In the revival and strengthening of the Cooperative movement in Uganda, UCA has closely worked with many development partners including:

  1. We-Effect and Vi-Agro forestry both Swedish Cooperative support organizations
  2. International fund for Agricultural development (IFAD)
  3. United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
  4. Canadian Cooperative Association (CCA)
  5. GIZ
  6. The Government of Uganda through ministries and Agencies
  7. Eastern Africa farmers’ federation (EAFF)
  8. Geneva global: Rural community economic empowerment project


Working Relationship with the Government of Uganda and the Academia: 

Basing on UCA’s outstanding better performance and geographical coverage through our regional offices across the country, Ministries and other Government agencies are implementing government programs in partnership with UCA. Some of these programs include but not limited to:

  1. Community Agriculture Infrastructure Improvement Program (CAIIP) that focuses on assisting farmers with storage and Agro-processing equipment for better marketing.
  2. Increased production, productivity, quality and better marketing of Coffee in

Uganda. (UCA-Uganda coffee development authority MOU) iii. Agricultural Technology and Agri-business Advisory Services(ATAAS) in carrying out profiling of farmer organizations, capacity assessment and development of training material

  1. Capacity building of SACCOs to be able to provide affordable financial services to their members: Financial inclusion in rural areas (PROFIRA)
  2. UCA is working with the academia: Makerere University on the Africa Institute for Strategic Resource Services and Development (AFRISA) program that focuses on nurturing a young, healthy and productive entrepreneurial generation through transformative skills, technology, innovations, community service and Academic-Community-Public-Private Partnerships (ACP3). In addition UCA has partnered with Makerere University Business School in implementing PROFIRA program.