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Uganda Cooperative Alliance (UCA) Ltd is un umbrella organisation for all cooperatives in Uganda established in 1961. It serves as the voice of the cooparative movement both nationally and internationally. UCA also serves as the main cooperative policy advisor for the government, implements various cooperative development projects, and is mandated by law to arbitrate and help settle conflicts within the cooperative movement.

VISION:        A strong and vibrant umbrella organization of prosperous cooperatives with empowered members

MISSION:     To provide high quality support services to cooperatives and their members on a sustainable basis.

CORE VALUES:    (i) Honesty, (ii) Dedication (iii) Transparency (iv) Integrity

UCA's Mandate: 

a) To advocate and represent the interests of the cooperative movement in Uganda at all levels national and international.

b)  To train and educate cooperators in the proper leadership, management and operations of cooperatives using the recommended cooperative principles as well as cooperative sound practices.

c) To train cooperators in business skills and management

d) To provide advisory services to cooperatives in their business operations.

e) To mobilise resources for the cooperative movement in Uganda.

 UCA’s Culture:

a) Non bureaucratic; b) Mutual respect; c) Family belonging;

d) Time consciouse e) Result oriented;    f) Image conscious; 

g) Team work


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